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Rehab Centers, NA & AA Meetings in Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta area has dozens of addiction treatment facilities and hundreds of support group meetings that can help you overcome a substance use disorder. Treatment is the first step toward a life without alcohol or other drugs. More

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Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Atlanta, Georgia. Drug addiction to substances such as heroin, crystal meth, liquor, cocaine or prescription drugs like klonopin, sonata or amytal, when left untreated, can result in a person losing everything that is good in their life such as their children, employment, mental health and even their house. More

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Atlanta, GA Substance Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation. There are several of addiction treatment options in Atlanta, GA and neighboring cities. Addiction Treatment Magazine has created the online world’s largest directory of drug & alcohol rehab providers to help you or a loved one find the best treatment plan to get sober. More

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Addiction History In Atlanta. In 2012, methamphetamine was at its highest peak since 2006 in Atlanta. In the same year, alcohol abuse was the cause for one half of all treatment admissions into rehab centers.Keeping these statistics in mind, there is still, without a doubt, a huge addiction problem in Atlanta, GA. More

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2151 Peachford Road. Atlanta, GA. 30338. Peachford Hospital offers a safe and nurturing environment for individuals looking for hope and healing from emotional psychiatric and addictive diseases. Peachford Behavioral Health Systems provides these treatment services: Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab. Service Setting: More

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Alcohol (alcohol only and alcohol in combination with other drugs) was the most commonly reported drug used in Atlanta based on available sources. It contributed to nearly one-half of all treatment admissions. Public treatment data indicated that alcohol was the most commonly used secondary drug among cocaine and marijuana users. More

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Drug Rehab Treatment in Atlanta. Millions struggle with drug abuse each year. In the Atlanta metro area, it’s vital to find the right drug rehab treatment. Individuals will need access to a medical detox center and, afterward, mental health treatment to address the underlying issues contributing to their substance abuse. Learn More. More

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Tangu is an alcohol rehab center in Atlanta that has offered outpatient counseling and treatment services to adults, youths, and families struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction since 1994. Its outpatient programs are staffed with licensed counselors, social workers, ASAM certified physicians, nurses, addiction counselors, and ... More

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP) The ASAPP funds state-wide efforts for alcohol and substance abuse prevention. Currently, Georgia is addressing the early onset of alcohol use and abuse and binge drinking among youth 9-25 years old as major public health issues. More