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Addiction History In Atlanta. In 2012, methamphetamine was at its highest peak since 2006 in Atlanta. In the same year, alcohol abuse was the cause for one half of all treatment admissions into rehab centers.Keeping these statistics in mind, there is still, without a doubt, a huge addiction problem in Atlanta, GA. More

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What sets Georgia Addiction Treatment Center apart from other addiction treatment centers and programs, is the comprehensive treatment plan that is individually tailored for each client. More

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At Georgia Addiction Treatment Center, located just south of Atlanta, our outpatient treatment programs are designed to help individuals struggling with addiction issues win that battle. With a focus on substance abuse problems and the mental health issues that so often accompany them, our staff of board-certified therapists, counselors, and ... More

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Visit Site 404-228-2222. 4751 Best Road, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30337. Services For: Adult men, Adult women, Past domestic violence, Past sexual abuse, Past trauma, Seniors, Young adults, Veterans, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. More

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MARR is an Atlanta addiction treatment and drug rehab center offering long-term, gender-specific rehab programs. Call for a free assessment. My Account View Cart 678-405-5623 More

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Whether you or a loved one are dealing with alcohol dependency or a meth addiction, there are those out there who want to help you. Call 912-214-3867 and make the difference that matters today. We can assist you in finding treatment centers in Atlanta, GA or elsewhere if relocating is the option for you. More

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No matter how long you have been suffering with addiction, or how bad life has gotten as a result, our Atlanta addiction rehab can help turn your life around. We will assess your current addiction, make sure you receive effective treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions that can derail recovery, and help you learn skills and tools to ... More

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Atlanta Inpatient Addiction Treatment Atlanta inpatient drug rehab programs provide a recovery-focused community that offers the highest degree of protection against harmful relapse triggers. This support and accountability fosters personal development, healing and the building of dynamic sober-living skills. More

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Addiction in Atlanta, Georgia can occur due to a wide variety of reasons. Understanding your addiction and the best methods for maintaining sobriety involves learning about yourself. Georgia Rehabilitation Services treatment programs include individual therapy for the greatest chances of success. More